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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unexpected Reunion - The Slide Show

In March of 2009 I began a 10 part series called "The Unexpected Reunion", which told of an unplanned, unexpected and unbelievable family reunion that took place in September of 1989.  My Fathers brother, Ray, received a phone call from the U.S. Army with news that our family never expected to know.  My Uncle Willis, who was a fighter pilot in the Pacific during WWII, was shot down in an air battle over Simpson Harbor, Rabaul, New Britain on November 2, 1943.  He was listed as "Missing In Action" at that time.  Although the Army did do some searching for him they were unable to locate him at that time.  In 1986 a man who was doing some surveying on a plantation in New Britain spotted the wreckage and reported it.  A full excavation was performed and they were able to find the serial number of the plane, which identified my Uncle as the man who had been flying it.

It was 3 years before the Army was able to locate the oldest living blood relative.  F/O Willis F. Evers' remains were escorted and guarded 24 hours a day until he was laid to rest with full military honors, including a fly over.

There are so many ways to share our family history - from blogging to verbal story telling.  I happen to enjoy producing family history slide shows, not only of my own family but also for other individuals as well. I have taken portions of the story I wrote in 2009 and completed a slide show of the events that took place in my Uncle Willis' life and the events that took place on September 15, 1989.  This slide show has been prepared in a story telling format - I hope you will enjoy it.

This slide show has also been entered in a Photodex contest on Facebook for family reunions.  Voting begins August 1st through the 8th - if you are a Facebook member and are so inclined I certainly would appreciate your vote.

Please enjoy my presentation of - "Unexpected Reunion - Home at Last"!


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