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Friday, July 9, 2010

"Scrapbooking Your Family History" - 96th Edition of the COG

“Scrapbooking Your Family History” is the theme for the 96th Edition of the COG. See Jasia's blog at "Creative Gene" for all the details. Submissions are due by August 1st and only 30 submissions will be accepted.

I had a chance to find and visit the locations where some of my Habben family had homesteads in the late 1800's, near Gurley, Nebraska, in June. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of their presence as I walked the gravel road by what once had been their home. I had similar feelings while I worked on a family history book in 2008/2009.

In my submission for the 96th Edition of the COG, I have tried to capture my feelings that day. My scrapbook page was made using a picture I took of their homestead as it appears today for my background. I could imagine them working the land with a wooded plow and a horse. To represent that I added an illustration of a man and child working the farm. I faded from black and white into color to show the past coming to the future. In the upper left corner are the photographs of my ancestors who lived on this land. I faded them into the clouds to show their presence with me that day and yet unreachable.

I hope you enjoy my submission and have a sense of the joy I felt that day!


  1. Terri, I knew your submission would be special. I get that same feeling when I walk the streets of Morgantown, West Virginia and thinking that over 100 years of my ancestors trod the same streets. Goosebumps!!!

  2. Linda, The first time I went to Germany and was in the town my great grandfather was born and his family lived I had a feeling of finally being home. There was a real sense of comfort that washed over me there.

  3. I know what you mean about being able to feel your ancestors' presence and you've captured the feeling here perfectly. It gave me chills!

  4. Terri -- a wonderfully evocative page -- you captured the essence of land and people. Thanks for sharing --- also the sharing of how you set the page up.



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