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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Hildreth, NE

Just playing around with photoshop - trying out something different.  This is a photo of the main street in Hildreth, Nebraska as it looks today blended with
an old photo of the same street.....  Fun....


  1. Absolutely fantastic! I love the action in the old photo versus the empty street in the modern one.

  2. It's great it. I love seeing old photos of yesterday places and then how it looks today.

  3. Very nice. Your blog is always inspiring!

  4. Photo shop lets you do that? do you cut and paste. It's like a look into the past or gohst of past. Very nice. good job.

  5. I did do the photo in Adobe photoshop, the process is a little different than cut and paste though. I actually used the cloning tool to pull the past photo into the current. It's very involved but it is fun to do!

  6. memories of my childhood



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