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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Civil War - Charles Bunge

Honoring my 2nd Great Grand Uncle on
the 150th Anniversary of the start of
the Civil War
April 12, 1861
Karl Heinrich Joachim Bunge (Charles) was born on June 20, 1842 in Germany. When he was 6 years old, in 1853, the family emigrated to the U.S. through the Port of New Orleans.  The Bunge family then traveled to Gasconade County, Missouri where they farmed and lived in the town of Bland the remainder of their years.

Charles enlisted in the Union Calvary in 1862 and was part of Company B - 6th Calvary. According to the Civil War records I found he brought his own horse and equipment and received extra pay for that.  It appears that he served 2 years in this unit.

Charles married Mary Wittrock on October 17, 1865 in Bland, Missouri.  They were blessed with 12 children.

Charles died on March 18, 1924 in Bland, Gasconade County, Missouri.  He is buried at the Old Bland Cemetery, where many of my ancestors rest.

Old Bland Cemetery
Photo's Courtesy of Blake Georgie
(Distant Bunge Cousin)


  1. Wonderful post, Terri. I am looking and searching for my Civil War ancestors . . . so far, only finding very extended kin. Beautiful collage and tribute to your Civil War Ancestor.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Civil War ancestor Terri. I really need to find out how to do the scrapbook pages that you do SOOOO WELL.

  3. What a neat collage; I really want to learn how to do that. And I actually have a couple of ancestors for whom I have the pictures and records - now I just need the talent!

  4. Thank you Gini, Linda and Greta - I so enjoy make these. And Greta - I'd be glad to help you make a collage any time - just let know.



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