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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo Restoration

Recently I had asked Janine at Janinealogy for some expert tips on some old family photographs that I am having difficulty restoring so that I can then colorize them. The problem, as Janine refers to it, is called lighting "blow out". I can restore the photo so that the photograph looks ok if left in the sepia tones, but not as good as I would like, nor does it colorize well. I hope those of you interested in great tips and tricks on photo restoration will take a look at Janine's blog - "Janinealogy" - as she explains things very well and is an excellent teacher. See her instructions to me for the restoration of the photo of my Grandparents, shown below. Unfortunately due to family illness I won't be able to work on this photo for a while - but please check back to see what I'm able to do with her instructions.

Visit Janinealogy at

(photograph privately held please do not use without permission)


  1. Janine has a great blog, does wonderful things with photos - plus she is lots of fun to follower on Twitter!

  2. I need all the help I can get when it comes to photos. I know there is one of my sister that was colorized professionally 60 plus years ago. The picture is black and white but this little baby has pink cheeks. Looks kinda weird actually.

  3. Terri I am giving you a genealogy award over on Flipside. Check it out at

  4. Hi Terri, I award the Puckerbrush Award to you, please stop by and pick it up. Congrats.



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