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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where does your inspiration come from?

I've often wondered what in the world would possess someone to want to dangle off the side of a rock cliff, relying solely on the strength of a skinny rope attached to hooks that have been pounded into solid rock to keep them safe. Just looking at photographs taken from those climbs makes my stomach do flip flops. What's their inspiration? Some say it's the adrenaline rush they get during the climb. For some it's conquering the mountain, as if they were slaying a dragon. For some it's just proving that they can do it.

I'm not “into” all that danger, maybe it's because I can remember how bad it hurt just falling off my bike as a kid, but I can relate to the adrenaline rush. Back in the '70's, when I was still young and dumb, I climbed one of the Flatiron Mountains behind our house in Boulder. The only reason I did it was to prove to my brothers, who had climbed it many times, that their little sister could do it too! These days I get woozy just climbing my step-stool!
We are all inspired by different people and things throughout our life time. My neighbor and I have been carrying on what we like to call "our midnight chats". Lately those conversations have been about the people that have inspired us to be so passionate about family history.

Was there one person or some artifact that inspired you to become passionate about genealogy?
There was for me. Come back and visit me when I share my first inspiration into the world of my ancestors.............

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