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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Longing to know you - part 3

Before I continue my story I want to stress the importance of sharing your photographs, stories, old letters, etc. with your family. Not only is it great back-up in case something happens to your only copy but the joy you may bring to that person might be more than you can imagine. OK I'll get off the soap box now.....

For me waiting for a response to an email is like a 5 year old waiting for Santa Claus - excruciating! I knew that my German cousin could not speak English so I carefully choose my words being careful not to include words like "isn't" or "it's" - because it's just too hard to translate. I also didn't want to write any thing that might come off offensive. I was lucky to have my "almost-cousin" to help pass the time with me (even though it's long distance- yahoo for yahoo) so I kept pretty busy answering her emails asking if I had heard anything yet - LOL
The first email from Cousin DD finally arrived and included all the niceties - what his name was, how old, occupation and that he lived in Berlin but also maintained the family home in Moorlage, Germany. Now Cousin DD is the same generation as I am from our Great Great Grandparents the Saathoff's and coincidentally he and my "almost-cousin -Karla" are the same from the Cramer side- funny weird huh? I informed Cousin DD about Karla and was it OK to give her his email address also.

In a later email he asked for my mailing address he had some pictures to send - so now I'm at the mail box waiting - my oh my I do a lot of waiting! LOL

And then the package arrived - there was so much tape on it I couldn't just rip it open - where's a scissors or knife a letter opener anything to get it opened!!! Fortunately my calm collected husband was nearby or I'd probably would have ripped it open with my teeth at this point. I know you probably think I cry a lot, but when I saw the face of my Great Grandmother Trientje's sister and her beautiful children - well dog gone it - you'd cry too!

Her eyes were deep set just like Trientje's and she was so little.

I wanted to know everything about her, but, again not much

was known about her. It's funny though how someone else's curiosity spreads like a flame and sparks interest. Cousin DD has been digging through all the old boxes and trunks at his home in Moorlage for more clues about the family. A couple months back he sent another packet of pictures, but this packet contained some things that caught me totally off guard. They were pictures of my Grandma, a confirmation picture, a picture of her and Grandpa that was probably taken around 1919 sitting on the front porch of her parents home, pictures of my Grandma's sisters. ?? I'm guessing that my Great Grandpa Rolf kept in contact with the family after the death of Trientje - I don't know why that would surprise me, but I'm glad that he did. Apparently he understood the importance of "The Ties That Bind" too!

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  1. Loved all the parts to this wonderful story! Congrats on making connection with "an almost cousin" as well as a cousin overseas. I feel your joy! Thanks for sharing!



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