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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank you to "The Educated Genealogist"

I just wanted to take a break from my "Searching" series to thank "The Educated Genealogist" for her blog called "What Happens to my research when I'm gone?"

It was kind of funny when I read the blog, because earlier in the day I had been chatting with a friend about the same subject. I had gone to an estate sale earlier in the day and was just horrified when I saw this woman's family was selling her graduation certificates from college, personal letters from the 1940's, photographs and her digitized family tree files.
It made me wonder, since I have no children, who will want all my research? I could just picture it all being shredded or sold to strangers. I actually felt a little sick. So many hours of searching for documents and personal ancestry histories all gathered for that one descendant who will want to know 60 years from now. Oh my! I have made it my goal to self publish my work in my book series "Searching" and make it available to family members that are interested in their ancestors, because I believe that these people should not be forgotten. But, still there is the volume's of information that I have gathered - what to do with that?
I found the suggestion that "The Educated Genealogist" made were an excellent choice for me and intend to make provisions for my work in my will.

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