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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seavers Saturday Night Fun

It time for Saturday Night Fun at Seaver's Place - Genea-MusingsTo play along this week, follow these instructions:1) Go to your My Pictures folder (or the equivalent) and pick out the 6th item in that folder. Then pick out the 6th item in that folder, and so forth, until you get to an actual picture.2) Post that picture to your blog with an explanation of what the picture depicts, including place and date.
This is my 6th picture in the folder - it is a photograph of my brother, Bob taken in about 1956. We were visiting my Grandparents in Nebraska on vacation. Bob was always good at standing on his head! The little girl chasing after her Daddy is me. - ha - Just a few years ago - OK 52 years ago......... yikes!

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