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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Once Again - Christmas Eve

Once again Christmas Eve has arrived. When I woke this morning the grass was blanketed with snow, the sun was just rising and its' rays were making the snow sparkle. All my trees had a layer of fresh snow on their branches and to me, it looked as I imagine a fairy tale land would be. My mind drifted back in time to the days when Christmas was magical. Trying to be especially good so that Santa would come. Years ago, we lived in Massachusetts and every Christmas we would go to (what seemed to be huge to me) a shopping center called Peabodys. Oh my, the window displays were really something to see with all the glitter and moving figures, to a child of 5 it was amazing.

Christmas Eve we would go to Church where us children would participate in a little pageant, sharing the story of Jesus' birth. When we came home my brothers and I would lay under the tree and just gaze up at all the colored lights and ornaments. Funny how these are the things I remember and not the gifts. Oh yes, it was exciting to open the packages and see what surprises were inside, somehow forgetting what was on the list, and being happy for what was inside. Now, I realize it was not the gifts that made Christmas so special it was the time we shared and the reason we celebrate this day.

This Christmas will be different than those in the past as a touch of sadness seems to fill my heart. But, I do laugh at remembering how my husband would wrap his gift to me in butchers paper. And how he would draw a stick figure man with long arms stretched out to show how much he loved me, and of course it always had a stick-on bow. Funny, I don't remember the gifts that were inside, I only recall how they were all wrapped in love and always made me laugh.
So, this Christmas I will seek out the joy of watching our grandchildren experience the magic, and savor the day with all my loved ones, who are so important to

For we never know what life will hold, we must treasure each moment as if it were our last. Keep your heart open and fill it with love. Shed a few tears, but, remember to laugh.
Hold on tight to those you love. And remember the hope that Jesus brought on this night, and the promise he made, that those who believe in Him will have everlasting life.

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Oh how those childhood memories are so special. I remember sleeping under the tree just to wake up by it and see the lights and tinsel even before Christmas. Oh and the Christmas windows as you said were so magical.

    My great Aunt Martha was a very wise woman and use to say to you when you were leaving "make happy memories" I understand what she really meant by that now as I grow older and hold all those memories so close.

    May your grandchildren bring back sweet memories of times with your husband and bring joy to your heart.

    Merry Christmas.



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