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Saturday, December 19, 2009

To My Geneablogger Family - Thank You

One year ago, on December 19, 2008, I placed my first blog post on Blogger. I started it on a whim, a way to share information about my genealogy research with family. It seemed to be a great medium to track my research and express my thoughts. One day when I logged onto my blog, I noticed someone had left a comment about my first post and had become a “Follower”. That person was Becky Jamison of Grace and Glory. Of course I was pleased to think someone would be interested in what I might write. I decided to visit Becky's blog and also other blogger's sites that she was following. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine there were so many Geneabloggers. I became intrigued with all these people who shared my love and passion for family history. I began a regular routine of reading about their triumphs, and sometimes frustration, in their own research. I devoured the information provided on sites like, Randy Seavers' – Genea-Musings, Thomas MacEntee's – GeneaBloggers and so many others. Research tips and advise that led me to many conquests in my own search.

The one thing I did not expect when I first began my blog was the wonderful people I would encounter along the way. Geneabloggers who encouraged me as I wrote my family history book, “Searching”, and applauded when I completed it. Geneabloggers who cheered when I finally found my great grandfather who disappeared 108 years ago. But, most of all Geneabloggers who have given me such beautiful and thoughtful words as I grieve for my husband. Geneabloggers who understand the pain my heart is going through and are praying for me. Never, did I imagine when I started this that I would become a part of a “special family” of people across the country and the world. So, to my Geneablogger Family, thank you for all that you have given me through your comments. What a blessing you are to me - my “special family". My heartfelt thank you to you all!
Love Ya
Your Sister in Genealogy


  1. Terri, you are so special to all of us too! I'm happy that I opened a door to many blessings to you a year ago. I do remember that. I'd just started my blog a few months earlier for all the same reasons, and found the same bounty that you did in this wonderful geneablogger community. I get more support form my genealogy and blogging friends than I do from my own family! You're in my prayers every day as you go through this time of grief, adjusting to your tremendous loss and forging through each day, one at a time. I can't imagine what it msut be like. You're in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I pray that your heart can be lifted every now and then through this Christmas season and that you'll feel the love we all have for you. Peace to you, my dear friend!

  2. Teri:

    I am so proud that you agreed to be one of the authors to participate in "Friday From The Collectors" on Shades.

    I love the beautiful photograph you colored for me!

    You are talented and generous. And you are strong! One foot in front of the other, my friend.




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