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Monday, June 28, 2010

You Want to Move Where?!

As Sophia from the old TV hit “Golden Girls” would say: Picture it, Sidney, Nebraska, early 1890’s. The town is filled with saloons, brothels and mayhem of every type. Notorious bank robbers like Jesse James and the Sundance Kid are regulars to the town. Just imagine this: From 1875 to 1881 there are more than 56 murders and over 1,000 criminal cases filed in the Cheyenne County Court House. It takes 3 separate newspapers to cover all the news. The largest gold robbery in history occurred here and is still unsolved today. The value of the gold stolen in today’s market is over five million dollars. (Hmmm wonder where that was buried?) Legends like Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock were often seen in Sidney. Newspapers across the country referred to it as “Sinful Sidney”.

So what was the draw for Frederick Nelk to bring his young wife to this den of lawlessness?

Guess you’ll have to come back for more.......


  1. What an interesting town! I had no idea that Sidney, Nebraska was so "sinful" and busy!

    I'm staying tuned in and looking forward to hearing more about this historical town.

    Oh, I love the "Golden Girls!"

  2. I'll stay tuned in for the second episode.

  3. You've got my interest - can't wait for the next installment!



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