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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Wishes

As I walked to my car after completing the last of my Christmas shopping (hallelujah!) a tiny bit of snow began to fall, you know the kind that just teases us, makes the windshield wet but really doesn't amount to anything, I thought to myself now it's Christmas! I kept thinking this is perfect a little snow to watch out the window while I start making some cookies and goodies for Christmas day, wrap presents and listen to my favorite Christmas Cd's. It's funny how smells or a song can trigger so many memories. One of my favorite songs growing up was "Winter Wonderland" (I liked the part about getting married in the meadow by Parson Brown), my Mom would play it on the piano and I would belt out the words.
When my Mom was growing up in the 1920's in rural Nebraska there weren't a lot of presents. They would travel to town for Christmas Eve services and after church go to her Grandparents home for dinner. Usually the children would each receive a small bag with fruit, a few pieces of candy and maybe some sort of small toy. The Christmas tree would be lighted and they would sing Christmas songs. She tells that one year shortly before Christmas her only doll disappeared, which she was sure her brothers had hidden from her, Christmas morning the mystery was uncovered. It had been her mother who had taken the doll and made all new clothes for her. A very special Christmas indeed!
I hope that you have fond memories of Christmas past and that you are able to create a special Christmas memory for someone you love!
May God's blessings flow to you this Christmas and in the up-coming new year! May God's light shine upon you and give you peace.
Merry Christmas from my home to yours!

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  1. I love your post. It's neat to hear stories like that. I love family history. I love to learn about what life was like for my ancestors. I look forward to reading your entries and seeing the books you are working on. Take care, Andrea



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