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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Will Find Her

Margaretha Anna Johanna (Bebensee) Effinger - Where are you?

I'm absolutely certain that my family is destined to find Margaretha (Bebensee) Effinger. In our family we only knew Margaretha as Grace which was the name my Grandpa, Gus Bebensee, called his sister. You may wonder why I'm so convinced that we will find her? Well from time to time little clues will come from unexpected sources. In the early 1990's a young girl named Suli came to the US to work as a Nanny for a family in my folks' church. Befriending her were my Aunts and my Mom because they had heard she was from the same city in Germany as their Father - Hamburg, Germany. When Suli returned to Germany in 1994 she promised to go the the Lutheran church in Wandsbek/Hamburg and see if she could find any information on the Bebensee family. She had every ounce of information that we had on the family. As luck would have it the church records had just recently been returned from the local government where the information was being recorded. It took some time to find the information, but in 1995 we received a package in the mail with all the information the church had. That was when we found that our Aunt Grace was not named Grace but Margaretha. My Mom knew that her married name was Effinger and that Grace had two children, a boy and a girl, that she was aware of. The trail seems to come to a dead end at that point though. Unfortunately we do not know the names of her children nor her husbands first name so that is another stumbling block in the way.
Do you think I can find her? I search every genealogy site I find for her, including sites that I use that are German based. "The Ties That Bind" are strong. I have not found her yet but unexpectedly I did find.........

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