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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Discovery Continues with more good fortune!

When I discovered the full and given names of my Watermann ancestors I was fully armed to research more efficiently. It appears that few of the Watermann's actually went by their given names, but rather one of their middle names as was the case with my Great Great Grandfather who went by the name of Adolph, however, his full name was Fredrick Herman Adolph. This can produce quiet a challenge when searching through ancestry records. Now when the Watermann's emigrated they settled in Missouri (by the way Missouri has great access to records for free). We assume that after they arrived at the Port of New Orleans that they traveled up the Mississippi via paddle boat to St. Louis and then to Herman, Missouri via the Missouri River. These are all guesses at this point but that was what was typical during the 1840's. Later they farmed in Bland, Missouri. During one of my many searches for this family I discovered my GGGrandfather's sister Charlotte had married a man by the name of Pope. And at that point I had the good fortune to find a descendant of her husband. Charlotte died in 1878 leaving him with 8 children. He later remarried and had more offspring. Good fortune struck when I found his descendant in Texas and she shared some photographs of Charlotte's tombstone and the family bible with me. So again "The Ties That Bind" reunited me with more family. I'm still searching for more of the Watermann's.......

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