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Monday, December 15, 2008

First Discovery Continued

My good fortune did not end with the web site discovery. My German cousin traveled to Langeholzhausen and took many pictures of the village my Watermann ancestors lived in. Today it is still a small community and many of the homes are in part from the structures built in the 1800's. I was able to discover the address of my Watermann family and my cousin was able to locate the house that my family lived in. (Pictured in my first post.) The house has been remodeled and added on to but it appears that parts of it remain. One very interesting thing I discovered was that my Great Great Great Grandfather's last name was not Watermann it was M├╝hlenmeier - it was custom to take the last name of the owner of the home - and since it was the home of his wife's family his name was changed to Watermann.

The Watermann home in


Today the Reformed Lutheran Church that my family belonged to in Langenholzhausen still stands. With the assistance of my cousin who dug through the old church records I now have information on my Watermann family back to the 1600's. To date I have been unable to find any Watermann relatives that remained in Germany and possibly they all emigrated, but that remains to be solved. I'm sure when the time is right for discovery that "The Ties That Bind" will reunite us.

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