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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going Home - The Unexpected - Part Four

1943 - Letter from Willis to brother George

Hi George,
"If the gadgets get out of hand get a fire hose a squirt them full of cold water.
Wish you could have been here the last couple of days. Raymond met me in Ogden, Utah then we came on home together on the train. What a dirty, slow train. They came around in the evening and lit the gas lamps in the car. We reached North Platte about noon and were told that we would have ten minutes. We went about a block and stopped in a cafe for a hamburger. When we came back out the train was starting to pull out of the station. We really had to stretch out to make the train. And the darn old conductor stood there on the platform with a dry look on is face. He wouldn't even help us up on the platform.
We have been up late every nite since we got here.
Bertus was here when I got here, but he had to leave the next day. Then we got word from Johanna that she would be in on the same train that Bertus was leaving on. Bertus got on when Joe got off and they never got to see each other. Lucille came back home with us. We have all been on the go every since.
Bill Buss and family came down this evening. This ought to be a big fat letter, there are three of us writing now.
Ray and I are leaving on the train at Kearney tomorrow noon. I am going with Ray to Twin Falls and will stay over night there before going back to the desert at Monroe. How I hate to go back to that windy, dusty, sandy, dirty old place.
Did you ever see an Officer milk cows, wipe dishes, sweep floors, etc.? If you didn't you should have been here."

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