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Monday, March 2, 2009

"Shades of the Departed" - "The Wanna-Be-Artist"

When I was recently asked by fellow blogger footnote.maven to write an article for her blog site "Shades of the Departed" at - I was absolutely thrilled, but couldn't help thinking "who me - write an article?"

The article is called "The Wanna-Be-Artist" and will appear on "Shades of the Departed" on March 6th in the "Friday From the Collectors" series. I hope you will all enjoy the article and that it will inspire you to try your hand at photo restoration and using the photo's to create wonderful family history books!

You can read a little more about me at . Don't forget to mark March 6th on your calendar as I make my debut as a guest author on "Friday from the Collectors - Shades of the Departed". LOL

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