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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun!

It's Saturday night fun with Randy - and this week is a real blast! Try it - it's free and really fun!
For more information go to Randy's blog site at

It's Saturday Night, so it's time for more genealogy fun.Did you see John Newmark's post today about Surname Wordles on his blog, TransylvanianDutch? Let's do that tonight.Here's your assignment if you want to play:1) Go to and create a Wordle with your surnames in it. As many as you want. 2) Post it on your blog or web page, and/or print it out and hang it on your wall. Show off your prowess!3) Tell us what you've done - either in Comments to this post or in your own blog. Brag about your creation! If you want me to post it here, send a JPG file to me at 4) Can you make something else really creative or pretty? If so, show us.

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