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Friday, February 13, 2009

For FootnoteMaven - ".....who wear glasses"

When I read FootnoteMaven's blog featuring her "smile for the camera" entry - I too fell in love with the picture of this girl - Mavens description of how she imagined the colors of the girls dress was just so vivid, so after securing Maven's permission I took the picture and colored it for her - Maven I hope she looks the way you imagined her...............

Footnote Maven's description was this:

"Her beautiful blouse sports the mutton sleeves that were the fashion around 1894. She has a locket pin attached to a velvet collar with a lace dickey and diamond stud earrings. I wish I knew the color of this unique outfit. I'd like to think it was pale lavender with a dark blue velvet collar."


  1. Well, I for one think it is beautiful! Maven, where DO you find these photos? I thought I'd look here in Fort Worth and see if I can find some for you.

  2. Terri:

    She is a thing of beauty and exactly as I imagined her, down to the velvet feather in her hair.

    You do great work!

    Judy, it's just luck and thirty years of looking.

    Terri, please send an email to me at


  3. Terri, you do beautiful work colorizing these old photos. Do you have a special computer program to do this? Also, I had no way to get in touch with you, but you can most certainly use that brick wall graphic if you want.

  4. Thank you! I love doing it - I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 - I'm still learning all the things I can do. I created a book that I keep track of my color codes. That's the hardest part is getting the color's right -especially skin tones, it took me a while to make the combinations so the flesh was not too pink or too peach - I have self taught myself to do it - lots and lots of patients required.



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