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Monday, February 16, 2009

"Searching" - The Commercial - ? LOL

For those of you have been reading my blog, telling of the making of my book "Searching" and my adventures finding my cousins, this is a short little video that I put together to illustrate the book that will soon be available for purchase.


  1. I love the "commercial" - the pictures are beautiful! I awarded you the KreativBlogger award! You can go to my blog ( to get the details!

  2. Your work on the photographs is wonderful! It reminds me of the same type of photo tinting my own mother used to do on the old sepia toned photographs right around WWII! I am now also working on lengthy project of family genealogy of my husband's family and restoring old family photographs to accompany the family history book I am writing.

  3. Valentino's Wife - Thank you - I wish you good luck with your writing - It is such a rewarding experience to do these types of projects. I just love restoring the old photo's and then colorizing them.

  4. Terri, this is a beautiful book. I'm certain it will be treasured by all. You did a fantastic job.



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