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Friday, February 27, 2009

Genealogy Surnames That I am Researching

I've noticed several blogs mentioning listing your surnames on your blog so that in the event someone is also searching for the same name it will direct them you your blog - This is a great idea! I have found many of my family members by using the search engine. Thank to all who shared this super idea!
My Surnames
Watermann, Kaeding, Bunge, Schippmann, Buss, Post, Saathoff, Gronewold, Schmidt, Habben, Ufkes, Onnen, Ommen, Effinger, Evers, Kallio, Paavola, Aylts, Bebensee, Rebensdorf, Paap,
Sievers, Hüls, Schumacher, Siebels, Cramer, Martens, Pope, Uhrig


  1. We think alike!!!! Now fingers crossed that we get some bites on the post. Good luck.

  2. the more rare, the more likely they will come to you.



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