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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seavers Saturday Night Fun

It's time for Randy Seaver's Saturday night fun - here is the challenge:

"Hey, it's Saturday Night, let's have some fun figuring out who is Number 21 in your ancestry from your memory or your genealogy database.Do you know how to create an Ahnentafel list or Ahnentafel report in your genealogy software? Make yourself number 1 on the list, then create the list or report - you do know how to do that, right? If not, I can help you with FTM 16, FTM 2008/9, and Legacy Family Tree - please ask!What I want to know, since this is the 21st of February (at least where I am right now):Who is #21 on your Ahnentafel list?"

After I unconfused myself I did figure out who my 21st is:

Ida Peters (Dollman) Buss - she was born June 5, 1829 in Nennedorf, East Friesland, Germany. She was the daughter of Peter Dollmann and Engeline Flesner. She married Behrend Braams Eden Buss on March 25, 1855 in Westerholt, Germany. Behrend and Ida emigrated to the United States and farmed in Blue Hill, Nebraska. They had 8 children. Ida died on August 6, 1900 in Blue Hill, Nebraska.

This picture is actually labeled wrong - Ida Dollmann Buss is on the left and her daughter Angelina Buss Goeken is on the right.


  1. Hi Terri, I understand that you're researching the Buss surname. Have you come across any thing conscerning a Catherine Buss who married a D. Blessen in the mid 1800s? My email is I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me. thanks.

  2. Hi Blessen17 - I tried to send you an email - but have not heard back from you - hopefully it did not go into your spam file - So if you are returning to my blog hopefully you will check for the email..... Terri

  3. I am also interested in anything you have on Catherine. My email is



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